How to improve the overall quality of time tracking

What are the key problems faced by companies during the process of time tracking?

  • The employee starts preparing the timesheet only at the end of the week, providing no detailed information, and using big margins.
  • No comments are provided to the rows in the timesheet because the author is not able to remember all the performed operations. As a result, the approving person won’t understand the nature of the performed work, thus having no chance to evaluate the validity of the timesheet.
  • The employee is trying to fit his work into general rules, which have nothing in common with the real situation in the company.

High-quality time tracking means access to a precise and real image of the working time allocation.


How to use the combination of WorkPoint and MS Project

Some of our clients are involved in big projects with labor intensity in the thousands of hours, giant teams, and complex structure to tasks. Managers of such projects require more advanced versions of management software, such as Microsoft Project.

At the same time, our clients are companies working in the field of professional services, and they use a specific corporate solution for time tracking.

Как WorkPoint и MS Project работают вместе

As a result, one day the manager has to face the following problem: project management is carried out in one application, while all the information about labor intensity is tracked in a second one.


Managing skills in WorkPoint

The key task of WorkPoint is to manage time, projects, resources, and billing.

Resources are employees who work on projects. The skills of the employee are an important parameter that helps to create efficient teams for the projects.

Managing skills in workpoint

What are skills, and how does WorkPoint help to manage them?


Three WorkPoint features

WorkPoint is a logical and user-friendly solution that also offers great functionality. Unsurprisingly, however, there are several features, which create additional questions and contradict the previous experience of the user.

There are three really confusing features.


Review of mobile applications

One of the most important factors for the users of the time tracking system is the convenience of operation. It offers an easy and comfortable solution and garners the loyalty of its users, saving a lot of time.

WorkPoint mobile applications allow filling out the required timesheets «on the go,» getting immediate approvals without delays and wasting a lot of precious time.


New features: Programs

The project program is a new feature in WorkPoint.

This is used to unite various projects, providing overall indices and a common system for project management. The projects may be unified using various features or indicators: subject, budget, or general contractor contract. Furthermore, by using project programs, the users are able to divide huge projects into small subprojects.


Version 2.8 Review

Version 2.8 of the system is focused on the various methods of time input and the development of the timesheet functionality.
There are a great many users of WorkPoint who require detailed working time tracking. Starting now, their work with the system will become much easier.


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