Timesheets and time-off

WorkPoint tracks working time using timesheets and time-off requests.

Corporate-level timesheets can easily be tailored to the specific needs of your business. Time-off requests make the whole issue of working time clearer.

  • Two types of timesheets are available: table view and log view.
  • Stopwatches.
  • Special comments for work specification.
  • Additional input fields.
  • Time-off schedule creation.
  • Integrated system of timesheet and time-off request approval.
More than 120 employees at the ALTHAUS investment consulting group are successfully using WorkPoint to track working time. The company implemented WorkPoint in order to evaluate the efficiency of its employees and the marginality of its projects. User-friendly interface, cloud storage solutions, and incredible functionality allowed implementation of the entire solution for their commercial operation in the shortest possible time.

Kirill Dyatko
Head of Personnel, ALTHAUS Group

Clients, programs, and projects

WorkPoint allows for management of key performance indicators by collecting analytic information across a wide range of fields: customers, programs, projects, and the different stages of the project.

By planning their resource utilization with WorkPoint, a company is able to increase their level of utilization, while the cost management system makes its entire economic picture clearer.

  • Planning and control of achievement of a wide range of indicators: revenue, working hours, profits, prime cost, and expenses.
  • Flexible project team settings: managers, co-managers, and other members of the team.
  • Complex hierarchy of projects stages with a flexible process for setting the indicators.
  • Resource planning and allocation system.
  • Cost management system, including approval solutions.
  • Adding new analytics and parameters.
Premium IT Solution is a company with more than 150 highly-qualified IT experts developing, implementing, and maintaining various software solutions. Thanks to WorkPoint, we are able to allocate working time and control paid services and our expenses, strictly controlling the key performance indicators of the projects and employees. WorkPoint takes all the specific aspects of our business into account and is very convenient to use during regular business operation.

Afonkin Dmitry
CEO, Premium IT solution

Billing and invoice management

WorkPoint thoroughly tracks each and every paid working hour, increasing key financial indicators of the company.

The incredible functionality of the system makes it a perfect solution for T&M projects and projects with a fixed price, as well as a great tool to track and control payments for additional expenses.

  • Special catalog of billing rates and rates for T&M projects is better for the company, the customer, and the project.
  • Choose your billing rate right in the timesheet, with the ability to set the rules of availability for the tariffs for team members.
  • Paid utilization calculation.
  • Special dashboard with information about payments for provided services and expenses.
  • Invoicing for T&M projects, as well as projects with fixed prices and expenses.
We managed to increase the overall efficiency of our business by more than 20%, and we can clearly see that this is not a hard limit. In order to grow, business has to implement the best practices in marketing, using the most sophisticated automation solutions. By using WorkPoint, we are able not only to feel more confident, but to show measurable growth.

Sergey Yashin
Executive Partner, Yashin and Partners

KPI and Analytics

WorkPoint offers the user various operative panels with key indicators, analytic reports, and BI-system integration.

Everyone with a role in the system, from the regular employee to the top manager, has their own personalized, detailed, and trustworthy analytics.

  • Calculation of the current indicators for each member of the entire team.
  • Progress reports for management.
  • Review of performance by project, program, and customer.
  • Report builder.
  • Export reports to Excel or work directly in a web browser.
  • Data export to PowerBI, ClikView, and other BI-systems.
Implementation of WorkPoint made it possible to significantly improve the performance indicators of the company, including such things as the performance of the staff and project economics. We want to highlight the convenience of the timesheets within the WorkPoint system, because our previous provider created a lot of problems for our personnel, as they had to make numerous copies in Excel and use many other applications before a timesheet was completed.

Ruslan Nigmatulin
CEO, Akelon

Mobile access

WorkPoint supports various mobile devices with both iOS and Android.

Flexibility for users, work time tracking, and cost savings are the main goals of WorkPoint.

  • Filling out timesheets directly from a mobile device.
  • Special comments for work specification.
  • Submitting for approval.
  • Checking compliance of the timesheet with corporate rules.
  • Special approval system and availability of history of approvals.

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