How it works

The manager creates a project team, assigns tasks, and gets the project running
Optionally, manager can create resources plan and budget plan
Employees track time on their tasks and submit timesheets
Manager controls the plan/actual performance data

Project Management

In WorkPoint, the project acts as the main analytics, each activity is connected to one of the projects. A manager and co-managers are assigned to the project.

The project includes a team made up of company employees or generic resources, which is useful in the pre-planning phase.

Tasks in WorkPoint should be considered as project milestones, for example, they can be sprints, maintenance periods, or major phases of a classic project.

You can set billing rates for Time&Material projects

Combining projects into programs

Programs help combine projects into a group, assign a sole manager, and control group performance. For example, a large project may be split into several separate projects, each with its own manager, team, and budget, but with the appointment of a program-wide supervisor.

In WorkPoint, the program is available as analytics in reports, and the program manager can be included in the timesheet approval process.

Benefits of Project Management

The unified list of projects with actual PKI
Flexible permissions rights
MS Project integration
Tailored for Professional Services companies

Why is it necessary to have a project management system?

There are various solutions for project management, but not all of them are suitable for the professional services business.

In terms of management accounting, it is important to ensure the recording of plan targets, especially financial ones, and monitor their achievement.

WorkPoint is not a classic task tracker for quick tasks with deadlines and execution control, that’s why tasks in WorkPoint should be considered as project milestones.

At the same time, WorkPoint allows you to set billing type, indicate billing rates for T&M projects, plan project activities in generic resources and overcome other challenges critical to professional service companies.

Project accounting system such as WorkPoint complements other solutions focused on long-range project scheduling or employee collaboration.

Elena Gorbacheva

Elena Gorbacheva

Deputy CFO

KB Strelka is engaged in urban planning and project management. We have more than 350 specialists in our team.

We have been using WorkPoint for over a year to track working hours and costs for our projects. We have a creative team and therefore it is especially important that WorkPoint provides a simple and intuitive interface for filling timesheets.

During that period we have made an integration with the corporate budgeting system and now we automatically receive actual costing.

We recommend WorkPoint to medium and large companies in the field of consulting, engineering and architecture.

Alexander Radutsky

Alexander Radutsky

Managing Director

MEF PKF has been using WorkPoint for exactly a year. It took two weeks to start the system, and now it has more than fifty employees. Of course, the accounting of working hours, planning of loading and project management were carried out earlier, without this the normal work of the audit and consulting company is impossible, however after the implementation of the system we reached a new level.

Today, the leaders of our company see all projects in dynamics, and the consolidation of data and analysis of the results of operations of the divisions and the company as a whole takes much less time. This is especially true for long-term and multi-stage consulting projects, where we monitor incoming requests and allocate our resources depending on client activity.

Thus, WorkPoint allows us to evaluate projects, employees, and customers from different angles and be even more efficient.

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