Using WorkPoint in Media, Marketing, and Advertising Agencies

Creative teams require to maintain a free, friendly atmosphere. Their working time is costly, and project deadlines are always tight, which is why it is so important to track time properly in order to manage the project economy and plan team workloads.

WorkPoint is not designed as a tool for a strict control, which is why it would not become a creativity blocker for your employees.

But for business needs, WorkPoint will allow you to control the cost and profitability of projects, evaluate the contribution and efficiency of each employee. A project resource plan will shape a project’s resource requirements and automatically generate a budget, while proper resource allocation will provide you with strategic planning horizon and maximize your team’s utilization.

WorkPoint is a simple and smart solution for creative teams that will help to boost creativity with solid business results.

What makes WorkPoint special?

WorkPoint is an easy-to-use, cloud-native solution built specifically for consulting business. There is no need to refine systems that are not designed for this purpose, wasting your time and money.

WorkPoint is an accounting and analytical solution, it does not replace task management and teamwork systems, but complements them, serving its purposes well — time-tracking resource management, project economy, and customer billing

WorkPoint is on the same page with you, we understand your needs and offer a ready-made solution for time-tracking, project management, accounting, and resource management.

Kirill Dyatko

Kirill Dyatko


More than 120 employees at the ALTHAUS investment consulting group are successfully using WorkPoint to track working time. The company implemented WorkPoint in order to evaluate the efficiency of its employees and the marginality of its projects.

User-friendly interface, cloud storage solutions, and incredible functionality allowed implementation of the entire solution for their commercial operation in the shortest possible time.

Elena Gorbacheva

Elena Gorbacheva

Deputy CFO

KB Strelka is engaged in urban planning and project management. We have more than 350 specialists in our team.

We have been using WorkPoint for over a year to track working hours and costs for our projects. We have a creative team and therefore it is especially important that WorkPoint provides a simple and intuitive interface for filling timesheets.

During that period we have made an integration with the corporate budgeting system and now we automatically receive actual costing.

We recommend WorkPoint to medium and large companies in the field of consulting, engineering and architecture.

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