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Advanced payment

Payment per month*

Monthly payment per user:

* — 30 days.

* — for USA, Canada & EU customers only. Some features may be unavailable.

WorkPoint is provided as a subscription-based cloud service. Access to the system is made on-demand, while writing off of amounts is made on a daily basis only for active users.

Subscription includes the following:

  • Access to the cloud service
  • Basic technical support


You don’t have to pay for servers, specific software solutions, or wages of system administrators.

The price per one user per day depends on the total number of users. The total amount is calculated using the accumulation of provided services, e.g. 10 * $0.25 + 15 * $0.23 + ...

UsersPrice per 1 person per day
1 to 10$0.25
11 to 25$0.23
26 to 50$0.22
51 to 100$0.20
101 to 250$0.17
251 and moreContact Us

Advanced payment for services provides cost optimization:

Advance paymentDiscount
6 months10%
12 months20%

Minimum number of users — 5.

Important! There may be an additional fee of up to 5% depending on the selected payment method and the amount to transfer.

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